Past Presidents of the Council

The Indian River Estate Planning Council was established in 1980, with Sam Block serving as its first president. The following is a list of those who have served as president in subsequent years. Do you know of someone who served whose name is not listed here? Please send an email to Blanche Necessary at with the name, and years served, if known.

Sam Block, Esquire, First President 1980-1981

Justin K. Larson, Esquire 2023 – 2024

Beckett C. Horner, Esquire, Immediate Past President 2021 – 2023

Jim Beindorf, CPA, 2019-2021

Will Schlitt, CPA 2018-2019

Nick Bruce, Esquire 2017-2018

Dee Giannotti, Senior Investment Officer 2015-2017

Kevin Brown, Trust Officer 2014-2015

Anthony Guettler, Esquire 2013-2014

Kerry Bartlett, CFRE 2012-2013

Rob Naberhaus 2011-2012

Trent Leyda 2010-2011

Will Kirk, Esquire 2009-2010

Charles H. Sanford, Esquire 2008-2009

Greg Brown 2007-2008

Kathryn Barton, CPA 2006-2007

Melissa Weaver, Trust Officer 2005-2006

Harry Offutt, CPA

Ned Curtis, CPA